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HGH human growth hormone research, and

hgh (human growth hormone) unbiased info

"It is now possible to reverse the effects of aging 10-20 years."
Dr. Klatz, M.D., (Anti-Aging Medicine), referring to human growth hormone injections



hgh benefits & comparisons

by C. Elliot Hilton, PhD Cand.

Note: We sell nothing - we are an information only site, that also makes recommendations for the best of the various types of HGH (human growth hormone) or hgh related supplements (wholesale & retail). 

We provide a source of easy to understand, yet science-based info (amongst the sea of misrepresentation of so-called "facts" that are all over the internet).



I'm a scientist and writer who, amongst other things, has covered "cutting edge" medical breakthroughs. I'm also a very pleased hgh (human growth hormone) user (I've used various sprays and injections) - just so you know my bias. 

I started using hgh for the same reason you're probably reading this - I was feeling the effects of age, heard amazing anti-aging claims about GH, and wanted to feel better & regain youthful vitality. 

I created this website because: 

1) I became personally passionate after my experiences with it, and those of family and friends.
2) There are many questionable products out there, along with confusing misinformation.
3) To give accurate information, verifiable in medical journals and other places, so people can draw their own conclusions.

My opinion is just that - an educated opinion. So I've also included statements from MDs and professional researchers who studied the effects of hgh injections for decades. I've tried to do my best with the accuracy of this, but I urge you to check for yourself until satisfied, just in case.  

I used oral spray containing real hgh, for about 2 years and was very pleased with the results. Then I switched  to hgh injections (doctor's orders due to liver damage), was happy with it also (other than the damn needle "ouch"!), then I went back to the spray, since I didn't notice enough difference between it and the injections, now I'm back on the injections because of doctor's orders again! Every once in a while, I stop them though, and use the spray for a few months instead. I personally feel best about this.

Use the links on the right to take our quick easy tour of researchers' conclusions, comparisons, safety issues, and recommendations.


What is hgh?

“hgh is the first anti-aging therapy proven by double placebo controlled studies”.  - Ronald Klatz, M.D., author of “Grow Young with HGH - The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging” 

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance made by our pituitary glands. Many people take it as a supplement, because it is reported to have "Fountain of Youth", anti-aging, longevity, & health benefits. 

When you're growing up, it affects your growth.  But it appears to change roles after you grow up, affecting immune system functions, longevity and aging. Levels start dropping around age 30, and hgh deficiency most likely begins to occur around that age. Doctors prescribe it for both adults and children when deficiency is indicated.

There are different forms of human growth hormone, and also MANY misleading products and counterfeit products. See the "comparisons" link on the right. 

We recommend you read the entire site, look for sources of legitimate research, and make your own educated conclusions.

Another factual informational site on HGH human growth hormone is It also covers related rejuvenation, anti-aging, longevity and health methods, including stress-reduction and hypnosis (the site is a public service by an MD Graduate of Stanford University Medical School and pharmaceutical development specialist!).

We also urge you to check with your physician, or an anti-aging medical specialist.

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This notice is required by the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. Nothing contained in this website is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis or treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any other health conditions before applying or taking these products. Do not use any supplement, including hgh human growth hormone, without consulting with your physician. Some of the information on this site is from 3rd parties, and while we believe it to be valid, you should research it yourself to be certain.

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